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Saturday, March 18, 2017

14 Bridal Hairstyles That Are Trends In 2017

Getting married is a wonderful experience, full of important decisions, not only the preparations for the party and the ceremony must be perfect, the bride to be the protagonist must be very beautiful. One of the most important elements of their appearance is the hair, so this article shows the bridal hairstyles that are trends in 2017.

1. Beautiful collection decorated with flowers

Bridal hairstyles decorated with flowersThis bridal hairstyle is perfect for light dresses, with moderate necklines. It can be used in outdoor weddings, with many groves nearby. The flowers used to decorate can be the same or very similar to those arranged for the bouquet.

2. Unkempt hairstyle for a modern bride

Unkempt wedding hairstyle for a modern brideDisheveled hairstyles always cause a great feeling, in addition to they look very modern. You can decorate with some accessories in white, beige or champagne colors that match the dress.

3. Collection with vintage waves

vintage waves bride hairstylesThe vintage style has been in vogue for several seasons, and is still one of the strongest trends of 2017. A collection with waves widely used in hairstyles of this style is ideal for a wedding.

4. Crown of braids for the veil

Crown of braids for the veilFor those brides who want a more traditional hairstyle, this is an ideal hairstyle. It can be decorated with the veil corresponding to the dress or any diadem.

5. Pick up low to one side

Pick up low to one side bridal hairstylesAnother bridal hairstyle considered classic, it is a low collectible decorated with simple flower accessories, however, putting it a little aside helps to give it a much more modern and original style, especially in backless dresses.

6. Benders with curls and diadems

Benders with curls and diademsCurlers are a fundamental part of almost all wedding hairstyles, picking them all in a low bow decorated with flower headbands and leaves made with gems is perfect for any dress that you want to wear on such a special occasion.

7. Bridal hairstyles with lace and lace

Bridal hairstyles with laceLow hairstyles with loops are usually the first choice for brides, however you can decorate by placing around them a little lace equal to that used in the dress.

8. Maxi braid

maxi braid hairstylesBraids are another cliché of weddings; one way to follow this trend is to make a maxi braid that completely covers the whole back. You can decorate with some accessories that fit well with the rest of the elements used that day.

9. Low collection with vintage waves

loose waves low ponytail bride hairstylesA very cute and original hairstyle for a wedding is to make some loose waves on the top of the hair, and then perform a low ponytail. It looks good with dresses with heart neckline as it gives an air to princess of fairy tales.

10. Loose hair with curlers and flowers

Loose hair with curlers and flowersTo leave the hair loose but with many curls and some flowers decorating one side of the head is a simple but very cute hairstyle for a bride. It may be ideal for a wedding on the beach or for simpler civil ceremonies.

11. Hairstyle with curls and flowers to one side

Hairstyle with curls and flowers to one sideAnother hairstyle that can be used in a little more informal party is to perform a typical collection of loops on one side of the head, leaving some hair loose and decorate it with light colored flowers.

12. Fairy Braid with Flowers

Fairy Braid with FlowersMany wedding celebrations are held outdoors, with light dresses that give a mystical aura, this hairstyle is ideal for those occasions as it gives a very mythological impression. It can be decorated with natural flowers to increase this feeling.

13. Retro hairstyle with flowers

Retro hairstyle with flowersIt is a hair style very 40"s style, where all girls wanted to be always presentable and elegant. Decorated with some small flowers can look even more sophisticated and perfect for a wedding.

14. Braids and flowers crest

Braids and flowers crestThis is an ideal hairstyle for modern and daring girls, can be worn with any dress, but is especially well with those without blankets and high necks.

These are some of the most popular and trendiest bridal hairstyles; they can also be a good choice for wedding guests.
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